Humanity that will be…

More than half of the human population now lives in Cities, an increasingly natural ecosystem of our species, where we analyze them however, the allocation of economic and material resources is more efficient, innovation and social and spiritual progress of communities are easier local, more sustainable the management of energy and waste necessary for resilient development, more rational the articulation of transport and information networks, more accessible work and health care, therefore higher quality of life.

And in the tradition of Mediterranean peoples and cultures there are often some of the housing and urban planning solutions that are closest to the needs of humans, with a more evolved yet always harmonious aesthetic.

BOTTEGA AUREA was born with the aim of playing a leading role in the field of architecture and design on a global level, because Cities are changing and in this change we want to bring that load of taste, respect for the environment and technical-scientific skills typical of the Mediterranean experience.

The Golden Section, or SEZIONE AUREA at the base of the Natural World and of the most admirable architectures of the humans, from Phidias and Vitruvius to the Renaissance’s BOTTEGHE, and to the greatest contemporary architectures, indicates an harmonious ideal of continuous regeneration and reconnection of the human being to creation. This constant of the universe we want to be our iconic signature.

And to this vision of the modern World and the architecture of the future contribute the brilliant creatives and the well-known Italian professionals, active in various disciplines, who gave birth to Bottega Aurea after a long independent path, for long stretches carried out in the field of academic research.

For all this, a master plan, a project or a consultancy from Bottega Aurea does not represent the realization of a simple contract, however daring. Each work of Bottega Aurea is an anticipation on the evolution of human communities, a look at what humanity will be.