People & Vision

Is a young and dynamic design workshop, born from the idea of the founders, Rinaldo Melucci and Ubaldo Occhinegro and composed of a highly specialized team of architects, engineers, PhDs and teachers of architectural design entirely “Made in Italy”.

The team was born from the combination of different and multidisciplinary experiences of differents architectural studios and research spin offs such as MUA Studio (top Italian architectural studio under35 2019) and the NFRG – New Fundamentals Research Group, affiliated to the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture (DICAR) of the Polytechnic of Bari.

During over 15 years of international experience, the various figures of BOTTEGA AUREA have developed skills in the conception, development and management of experimental and highly innovative projects, from the scale of the building and the design object to that of the city and the urban form, addressing the relationship between innovation and tradition in architecture.

In this book we have collected only few works carried out on sustainable architecture and the landscape, on digital stereotomy and parametric architecture, on the design of the city and its urban spaces and on the restoration and enhancement of historical architecture and monumental heritage.

We also deal with the world of design through teaching-learning, publishing, organizing conferences, workshops and supervising Masters and PhD theses.

Our goal is to create a new design process in step with technological progress and the evolution of civilization, but with great attention to the values proper to the history and architectural traditions of peoples.

Our approach is to develop problem solving skills through creativity and contamination.

We network by collaborating with solid national and international companies and partners.


Rinaldo Melucci
City Manager, M.Sc. in Political Science and International Relations

Among the inspirers and founders of Bottega Aurea, Rinaldo has acquired twenty years of experience at the helm of medium-sized companies, in particular in the logistics and tourism sector. Studies in political science and international relations. Since 2017 he is the mayor of Taranto, one of the most complex and important Italian cities, which with his enlightened guide is literally changing his face. Afterhours decades, towards resilience, the circular economy, the EU green deal and the sustainability objectives of the UN Agenda 2030. He has promoted the largest period of urban and infrastructural planning and transformation of the city since the last 40 years, coordinating and developing a complex system of public works with regarding the economical and urban conversion of the entire province Restless traveler, with the taste of finding talent, and passionate city manager, he has made up his mind to change the way we feel like a single species and to inhabit the planet and also the others to whom we will land.

Ubaldo Occhinegro FRSA

Architect, PHD in Architectural Design Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London (UK)

Graduated in Architecture at Polytechnic School of Bari, with a thesis in Architectural Design and Islamic Architecture (Cairo – Egypt), he obtained the title of Ph. D. in Architectural Design at DICAR Bari. He is Researcher, visiting professor and lecturer in Architectural Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic School of Bari. From 2008 to 2020 he carried out project research activities participating in national and international architectural competitions both as group leader and designer, being awarded or mentioned in several of them. In 2016 he won the 2016 International Excellence Award for “Emerging Talents” organized by INTBAU and the Prince’s Foundation, sponsored by His Royal Majesty The Prince of Wales. From 2017 he is nominated International Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts of London. From August 2019 he is appointed Councilor for Urban Planning, Mobility, Public Works, Strategic Infrastructures, Refurbishment of Old City of Taranto, and Digital Innovation of the Municipality of Taranto. In 2019 he won, with his wife and colleague Micaela Pignatelli The New Italian Blood Prize as one of the ten best under35 studio in Italy.